Quick ABC to successfully sell on Halal Commerce

A) Easy registration and quick verification
B) Bulk store product uploads and instant order notifications
C) Instant payment notifications and customizable shipping services

These will lead to you launching your store and fulfilling orders faster.

  • Target your audience on a wider scale
  • Amplify your message
  • Connect to customers faster and easier
  • Raise brand awareness
  • Use advanced technology
  • Diversify your selling channel

Modern advancements and tools make it easier for you to reach a wider audience, make more sales and get your vision across. 

  • Multiple plans and pricing to fit y­­­­­­­our store needs
  • Dependable logistic partners
  • Popular and secure payment systems
  • Social media marketing (Brand Awareness)
  • Ticket and on-board support

What Halal Commerce is looking for in your products

HALAL – Allow selling of halal-certified retail products and other non-meat products
CRUELTY-FREE – Products that are environmentally friendly, animal, and cruelty-free, this is required for the product and the packaging
ORGANIC – certified organic, NON-GMO required for the product and packaging.
VEGAN – vegan-friendly or 100% vegan, (VEGAN OK) certified

Only 4 steps to becoming a vendor on halal commerce!

(STEP 1) Register – easy, no-hassle setup
(STEP 2) Configuration – set up your dashboard, upload your store logo, payment system and shipping methods and terms of services.
(STEP 3) Verification – Verify your email and payment methods in order to accept orders

When all the steps are completed, you can start listing products that can easily be uploaded in bulk.


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